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Local people have difficulty getting food at Seikphyu

Since entry and exit to Seikphyu City have been closed for a long time, local people have difficulty getting food.

Locals and the public defense forces said that from July 14th to July 24th, the military council troops entered Seikphyu Township, Magway in a column, and access to the township was closed for about 10 days.

In addition, because the columns are constantly being pushed, the residents of the villages such as Seikphyu and Pakokku townships have lost Taung Ywarma, Myauk Ywarma, Saikham, YayYinChaung, ZeePinGyi, ThanpayaPin, Sarlauk, Saiphyu, Sharduu, Taung Paul, Ashae Kanphyu, Uyinsu are still fleeing.

In addition to the 70-strong column on the Seikphyu side, a 35-strong column from 22 Defense Equipment Factory (KAPS) is participating, and a column of over a hundred people is also entering the Pakokku side, according to residents.

Until now, if you want to transport a patient to Seikphyu City, only four people are allowed with the patient in an ambulance, and they are not allowed to carry any items on the way back.

The military council has blocked the transportation of goods from the city, including food, so there is a shortage of goods in the shops.

In addition, the fighting between the military council troops and the local defense forces based in Seikphyu continues, and four houses were also burned in Taung Ywarma village on the side of Seikphyu township, residents said.

Ko David, a member of the People's Defense of Seikphyu, said that about two thousand war refugees had to be moved to a safe area due to the arrival of the military.

"They sent a convoy on the 14th. Along with the convoy, traffic to the city was closed. There were also shortages of food supplies. Because of that, we had to keep more than two thousand people fleeing the war in the area under our control."

He said that the People's Defense Forces had to purchase food from the townships of Pauk and Pakokku to get food for the locals.

The defense groups also said that this may have caused local people and the People's Defense Forces to cut off food supplies while the Military Council troops were clearing the area.

2023 of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), as of June 13, 205,400 residents of Magway were forced to flee their homes after the coup.


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