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Local residents trapped by Bago City flood need help

Local residents trapped by Bago City flood need help.

With the Bagu River water level rising above the alarming point, Bago City has been experiencing flooding since October 7, and residents are trapped and in need of assistance.

Locals say that the worst flood has occurred in Bago City, and almost all neighborhoods are submerged. According to the residents, the low-lying houses were submerged up to their roofs, and the neighborhoods that were not flooded before were facing floods.

Currently, flood relief camps have been opened in the highlands and rescue operations are underway, but there are still residents who are trapped and in need of food. Currently, 29 relief camps have been opened. Firefighters are working to evacuate tens of thousands of residents from the flood.

According to the measurements this morning by the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, the water level of the Bago River is 880 cm, and it is currently 1004 cm above the water level. It has also been announced that there will be heavy rain in Bago Division tomorrow.


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