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Locals say that all schools, hospitals, and offices are closed in Mindat City

Locals say that all schools, hospitals, and offices are closed in Mindat City

Mindat Residents said that the military council's hospitals, schools, and offices have been closed since August 21 in Mindat City, Chin State. There are three high schools and around ten middle schools in Mindat City, but after the coup d'état, only one school from KhaLaYa (274), BEHS (1), and BEHS (3) schools were opened.

According to a Min Tug resident who did not want to be named for security reasons said that it is not clear why it was ordered to be closed. "I'm not sure why they were forced to close. I don't think it was because of the battles. There are frequent ambushes in the city."

Currently, hospitals, schools, and offices have been closed, but military council troops are patrolling the city.

Locals said that among the Military Council offices, 90 percent of all offices, including the Forestry Office, and the land registry office, have not been able to operate since the coup due to the battles between the military council and the defense forces.

Ko Yawman, the spokesperson of Mindat Township Public Administration, said that it is possible because the Military Council Army can no longer provide security to those departments. "The military council used to be stationed in the hospital. One of the health department cars was brought back by the CDF youths. They were not satisfied that they were brought back like that and a kind of indignity. Because of this, schools and hospitals were forced to close because they would no longer provide security." Ko Yawman also said that there are currently no battles in Mindat City.

On July 30, the Chin Defense Forces (Mindat) attacked a car belonging to the Military Council near the forest office in Ashaepyin Ward of Mindat, killing seven Military Council soldiers.


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