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March 3 of the Spring Revolution.

On that day, students with the Dagon University Students' Union, Hundreds of people gathered on the main road of the North Dagon.

"Let the military dictatorship fall" The slogans of the Spring Revolution are heard both in the streets of North Dagon and all over the country.

On the afternoon of March 3rd, the military group attacked the students who were in protest against the military dictatorship. The people providing health care were arrested and put in prison cars. Arrested by being pushed onto military vehicles. The indomitable will of the students and the people, their resentments boiled over even the military group, which was armed with weapons of mass destruction; people still confronted them.

Before reaching the circle of the north Dagon, on the other side, there were the soldiers of the military group and on the other hand, the people who were demanding freedom kept it tight until late in the evening.

After 5:00 p.m., the military group retreated one step at a time and continuously fired tear gas. The people continued to march in the column while enduring the impact of the tear gas through their tears.

The military group stopped when they reached the bridge over the North Okkalapa and unexpectedly fired a lot of bullets into the crowd in front of the North Okkalapa Park. The young people who carry shields with the intention of protecting the students and the people actually gave their lives first while protecting the people. The youth carrying the shield-wielding, who were at the front of the column, were the first to be hit by bullets and fell. After that, the military group bombarded without stopping the gunshots for several minutes.

Many people including students collapsed on the road. The pools of blood were also scattered, Screaming, the sound of knocking, and the sound of crying. The shouts were mixed among the crowd.

When the military group brutally opened fire and left, the place was littered with corpses. The injured were left in a state of disarray. People came out and helped those who needed help. They help in the midst of tears and blood.

Next to the corpses of fallen heroes, students gathered and took oath. That was how haunting the situation was. They weren't afraid, the students swore an oath to continue the bloody path of those who paid. Those who were swearing on the blood spots, their eyes were full of tears and their voices were shaking loudly. Seeing the fangs and the monster of the military group in front of their eyes made them more determined to fight against the military dictator until the end. The youth mind could also be awakened to the fact that armed thugs can only be defeated with weapons.

On that day, not only in Yangon, but throughout the country, the military group was brutally shot and killed many people. Those bullets hit all of us. Right now, there is no traffic in front of the park. There is no traffic, but we want to remember that two years ago, this road was paved with the blood of the students.

Our minds were filled with bullet holes and blood until now. By healing these wounds and keeping the faith of those who fell, no matter how rough the road, No matter how difficult it may be, our people will have to follow the path of revolution to the end. When the frustration subsides, look at the blood cells again. Hear the gunshots again, Imagine the innocent fallen comrades and their families. We must still take part in the revolution.

The blood on the foot will never be dried out.


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