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Medical assistance is needed for the sick in PinLaung refugee camps

Medical assistance is needed for the sick in PinLaung refugee camps in

Southern state of Shan region. The people who are working to help the refugees in PinLaung Township said that there have been more and more sick people in the refugee camps in PinLaung Township.

Children and the elderly are getting sick, said a man who fled to the refugee camp in PinLaung town from Taung Mae Thin village.

"They are sick, They cough. There are about 250 people in one camp that are infected. In one place, about ten or fifteen adults and children were sick. The main thing here is that we need medicine. The food is only enough for 10 days," he said.

“Those who are in poor health are sent to PinLaung Hospital, while those who have a common illness and cough are being treated in refugee camps by travelling health care groups”, said one of the refugees.

"Now there are more and more people with bad health. I was sick with the flu, and now we are being treated by travelling health care teams. The main thing we need is medicine. Medicines are expensive, so the cost of medical treatment is higher. The main medicine is needed.

In Southern Shan State In PinLaung Township, there was a fight between the military council and the Karenni People's Defense Cooperation since February 24th, and More than 5,000 residents from Taung Mea Thin, Nam Nein, Taung Salone, Myouk Salone,Lone Pyin, Saung Pyin and PinPhong fled to PinLaung Township and Nung Nham Township.

Refugee aid workers said that up to 17 refugee camps have been opened and are providing assistance to those who have fled.

According to the statement of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) on March 21, there are 1.7 million war refugees in the whole country as of March 13, 2023.


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