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MFP party leader Pita Limjaroenrat announced the party's position on the Myanmar issue.

The Myanmar issue was set as the first priority, MFP party leader Pita Limjaroenrat announced the party's position on the Myanmar issue.

Pita Limjaroenrat, the leader of Move Forward Party, which is the party that won the Thai election, has set the Myanmar issue as the party's first priority. On June 20th, the party's statement on the changes in the current situation in Myanmar was released.

This statement titled the MFP party's commitment to Myanmar issues was released as five points on the Twitter social network page of the party leader Pita. It was released in two languages, English and Thai.


He and his organization are closely monitoring the changes in the situation in Myanmar. The statement also stated that the issue of Myanmar was set as their top concern.

In order to resolve the issue of Myanmar, the ASEAN member countries have made various statements in different ways in the past. He and his party have released their five opinions on the Myanmar issue.

Among those points, the MFP party supports ASEAN's leading solution to the Myanmar issue. He stated that he supports the five common agreements established by ASEAN and is taking action within the framework of ASEAN.

After that, Myanmar will be stable and peaceful in ASEAN and the world community. We will cooperate with ASEAN and Myanmar's neighboring countries to become a good economic country. He said that he will hold frequent discussions and negotiations with all organizations related to the importance of Myanmar for regional and world peace.

In addition, they believe that meetings and negotiations are key to finding a solution to the Myanmar issue. All layers are included in these meetings and negotiations. It also mentions the need to be consistent with the methods established by ASEAN.

The party's view on the Myanmar issue also considers the safety of human beings. It is said to be a strategy that strongly emphasizes both the human race and the economic sector.

In the end, Myanmar is a country where people who have fled across the country despite the security, human trafficking, arms importation and facing challenges from all sides, including health problems. The coalition government led by the MFP party is going to form a working group called the Myanmar Inter-Agency Task Force under the office of the Prime Minister of Thailand. It was also stated that this working group will work to find solutions to Myanmar's challenges through cooperation from various perspectives.

During Thailand's election held this year, the MFP party won the most seats in the parliament. Currently, MFP is trying to form a new government led by the parties that won the election and gain support in the parliament.


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