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Military junta attacked both air and ground near Myawaddy .

Military junta attacked both air and ground near Myawaddy .

The Military junta attacked Myawaddy town three times from both the air and the ground.

photo by - Cobra Column

The KNU/KNLA joint force in Mekanel village, which is about seven miles away from Myawaddy town. Cobra column (1), Cobra Column (2), Federal Wings, Golden Eagle, YaungNi, The Black Leopard Column, the Military Council Army and the Border Guard Force (BGF) are fighting fiercely in battle.

The military council troops fired three times with a helicopter at around one o'clock this morning, and at around 9:30 a.m ,they fired 120 mm heavy weapons from the ground.

It was reported that the Black Leopard column, which is part of the joint attack on the military council, was attacked by an airstrike on April 21st, and was shot at by a helicopter on the morning of April 22nd.

According to those helping the refugees, as a result of the prolonged fighting, nearly 500 war-affected refugees who are in five monasteries in the Mekanel village are in need of food aid.


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