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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Meeting with Union Minister and UN Special Representative..

The UN Special Envoy for Myanmar, Noeleen Heyzer said that she supports the National Unity Government (NUG) for the development of a democratic federal union and the efforts of all to participate in nation-building.

UN Special Envoy Dr. Noeleen Heyzer admitted that the lack of an international solution to the Myanmar issue made the difficulties and obstacles worse in acting as a special envoy.

The UN Special Envoy, who is about to resign next week, said this when she meets with NUG Foreign Affairs Minister Daw Zin Mar Aung and Switzerland, Geneva on June 3.

Since she started working as the special envy in 2021 December, she has not been in regular contact with the NUG leadership. Before his trip to Naypyitaw in August, she reiterated that she held consultations with the NUG during her meeting with the NUG Foreign Affairs Minister.

Foreign Affairs Minister Daw Zin Mar Aung said that the Myanmar issue is not a matter that can be handled by one person, but she is grateful for the special efforts that have been made by listening to the voice of the Myanmar people and starting with a new approach.

At the same time, both the special envoy and the minister of foreign affairs said the international community needs joint support regarding the Myanmar issue. The Office of the Special Envoy has announced that the Foreign Minister has the same opinion.

During the meeting, the Foreign Affairs Minister expressed her acceptance of Dr. Noeleen Heyzer’s decision to end her duties as Special Envoy and the National Unity Government's recognition of Dr. Noeleen Heyzer’s dedication to the work of the Special Envoy


As Dr. Noeleen Heyzer, she has extensive experience in carrying out the duties of a special envoy. It is mentioned that she made efforts with strong efforts and determination.

In particular, she said that she was working to get humanitarian assistance for communities in dire need of help and to raise the voices of Burmese women.

However, Dr.Noeleen Heyzer admitted that the international community's lack of resolution regarding Myanmar made the difficulties and obstacles she faced in acting as a special envoy more difficult and worse.

As a result, during the term of her special envoy, she has widely increased the brutality of the illegal terrorist group, as well as ignoring the demands of the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly in Myanmar and obstructing the efforts to implement the (5) agreements agreed with the ASEAN group.

In recent weeks, the military group has blocked the UN organizations from sending relief supplies to the communities affected by Cyclone MOCHA, including Rakhine State.

Even the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, said, "Since the deaths and losses are foreseeable and avoidable issues, we can see the systematic blocking of human rights."

This action shows that the terrorist group continues to use aid as a weapon for military advantage and continues to oppress the Rohingya.

Now is the time for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to take the lead on Myanmar, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

Due to the seriousness of Myanmar's current situation and the upcoming vacancy caused by the suspension of the Special Envoy, it is necessary as the Secretary-General to make good use of the United Nations organizations.

In the last two (2) years, the Secretary-General asserted that "the United Nations will provide unwavering support to the efforts of the people of Burma for democracy, peace, human rights, and the rule of law."

Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has pointed out that it is necessary for the Secretary-General to personally prioritize stopping the mass killings and to come up with a political solution that will bring forth the will of the people of Burma for democracy.


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