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More than 10,000 residents from more than 20 villages are fleeing because of the attack

More than 10,000 residents from more than 20 villages are fleeing because of the attack.

Sagaing Division Residents said that as of June 4th, more than 10,000 residents in more than 20 villages have been forced to flee their homes due to the military council's 80-strong military column entering the villages in the western part of Khin Oo Township.

People from villages such as Kanthaya, Ba Oo, Gway Gone, Myit Taw, In Tine Gyi, Te Su, Ywar Thit, inn Patt, Ma Yan Inn, Mauk Pak, Kyun Taw Gyi, Mone Taw, Kyi ei, Muu Thar, Kan Gyi Gone, Shwe Yamin, Thar Ga Ya, Myo Thit, Paung Hlel Gone, Chan Thar Gone, Ma Ni Gone, Ma Kyi Oak, Myin Kya, Kan Thit and Gone Kyi Ywa are fleeing.

“All these villages are not to be avoided at the same time, but some of them return to the village if they are away from the convoy”, said a resident of Kangyi Kone, who did not want to be named for security reasons.

Some residents have already returned to the villages, but as of June 4th, no less than 10 villages are still fleeing.

Locals say there are around 30 villages in the western part of Khin Oo Township.

It is reported that a new villager who fled the city is living under the shade of trees in the forest due to the difficulty of shelter.

Residents said that they have been fleeing since June 2nd, when the convoy passed near the village, and it has been three days today, and they are having difficulty in living and eating.

A person who is helping war refugees in Khin Oo Township is sending rice packets to those who are fleeing.

"We need a lot of things. We can't say enough about what we need. We also do rehabilitation for those who are affected by the fire. When we flee the war, we have to send rice packets to the refugees from the villages close to us and from the villages that we don't run to, so that they can eat and drink. We are placed. The difficult thing is when we have to run temporarily, we have to send the rice packets. We put the rice packets and send them on our motorcycles from village to village."

According to the residents, the military council army column entered Ywarthit, which has around 200 houses, on the morning of June 1st, and burned down seven houses.

In addition, a 50-year-old local man was also arrested and burned to death near Mutha village on June 2nd.

The Khin Oo Special Force Organization-KSO military commander based in Khin Oo Township said that on June 2nd, there was a battle between the PDF joint forces and the Military Council forces in the west of Mayan In Ywa.

"They (Military Council soldiers) came from the village of MayanInYwa, and the defense forces came from the outside of the village. The condition of the damage is unknown. On our side, two comrades were injured. There is still nothing to worry about. The column is right on the Khin Oo Road. It is reported that the column has arrived at the Kanthit Bridge on Khin Oo Road."

On June 3rd, Daw Khin Win, 60 years old, died while fleeing from her home when the convoy came.


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