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More than 400,000 refugees in the KNU territory need help

More than 400,000 refugees in the KNU territory need help.

The Karen National Union (KNU) announced today that there are more than 400,000 refugees who have taken refuge in KNU-controlled areas due to the fighting and human rights violations by the military council troops in the more than two years since the military coup was present.

In addition, due to the daily fighting and human rights violations by the military council forces, over 100,000 residents have lost their workplaces and are facing difficulties with their livelihoods.

In addition to their normal needs, refugees face more difficulties because the military council is strictly checking and prohibiting the transportation of food and medicine, said one of the people helping refugees in Karen State.

In a situation where war refugees are facing more difficulties due to the military council's cut-and-dried strategy, the war refugee also urged international organizations to legally provide humanitarian aid.

According to the data of ISP Myanmar, which monitors and publishes the fighting and the after-effects of the military coup, from the time of the coup to April 20 of this year, the number of refugees from the civil war has increased to almost 2700,000.

Since before the military coup in Myanmar in 2021, there have been around 500,000 internal war refugees, and after the coup, nearly 2700,000 have been added, bringing the current number of war refugees to more than three million across the country, according to ISP Myanmar.

The Karen National Union (KNU) has been providing monthly food for 85,000 people since January of this year. He also said that they are faced with insufficient shelter and medicine for a place to sit.

It is also mentioned that those who will support the necessary humanitarian assistance for the people fleeing the war are welcome, and if there is anything they need to know to assist, they should contact the Information and Information Center.

In KNU-controlled areas, fighting has been going on every day this year, and it has been reported that there have been 1,642 battles between the military group and KNU forces in four months.

Four battalion commanders were on the side of the military council during the four months of fighting. He said that a total of more than 1,700 soldiers of the Military Council Army and Border Guard (BGF), including five deputy battalion commanders, were killed and nearly 1,200 were injured.


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