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More than 400 people are in need of emergency assistance because of the campfire.

More than 400 people are in need of emergency assistance because of the campfire in KyaukHtu

In Magway, KyaukHtu Town, It is reported that more than 400 evacuees from the Sang military evacuation camp, which was destroyed by fire along with the bodies of military council members near Sang village, are in need of emergency assistance.

"The refugee camps have all been set on fire. Now they are sheltering in villages bordering Chin State. The population is so full that it cannot help. All the things left in the camp went up in flames. He had to carry only a few. It is quite difficult to have a meal in a while," said one of the people helping the war refugees.

On March 30, the Sang Military Evasion Camp near Sang Village was attacked by the Military Council's 77th Division. It is said that about 30 members of the military council were killed in a fierce battle between the joint forces (101) of about 150 forces and the regional defense forces.

PDF's news and information officer from the air force council of KyuaukHtu - said that they were forced to retreat towards Sang village after being shot with heavy weapons.

He said that even before the military council troops arrived at Sang Village, the civilians were not harmed because the military evacuees were ordered to leave, but all the equipment in the military evacuee camp was taken away, so there is an urgent need for basic food and utilities.

It is said that most of the refugees from the standard military evacuation camp are those who fled the war to the Min Tat area after the battle of Min Tat Golf Course in 2021, and are currently fleeing the war again to the villages bordering Chin State.

It is reported that the bishop in San village and the women who helped them avoid the war have been arrested by the Military Council since March 27th and have not been released yet.


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