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More than 5,000 civilians have fled due to air strikes in Kyaukkyi

More than 5,000 civilians have fled due to air strikes in Kyaukkyi

On the morning of September 1, the Karen National Union (KNU) announced that more than 5,000 residents of eight villages were fleeing due to airstrikes by the military council near Thitchanseik village in Kyaukkyi township, Nyaunglaypin district, Bago. It is said that due to the air attack, 5662 residents of eight villages such as including Thitchanseik village, Phoetawsa, Myetye(Kayin), Myetye(Burma), Taingpin, Kyunkone, Okeshitkhin, and Ngalauktet have been forced to flee to safety. The KNU also said that after a battle between the Military Council Army and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) near the Thitchanseik village, the Military Council Air Force bombarded civilian targets. The KNU's statement also stated that the Thitchanseik village is included in the administrative area of Mone Township.

Starting on August 30, the Military Council troops opened fire on villages in Shwegyin Township, Nyaunglaypin for two days in a row, and a local was injured.

According to KNU statements, during the more than two and a half years of the military coup, there have been 1,143 battles in Nyaunglaypin District in the Karen National Union (KNU) Brigade (3) area, and more than 170,000 civilians have fled their homes.


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