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More than 5,000 residents were forced to relocate to Natthankwin,

More than 5,000 residents were forced to relocate to Natthankwin, where 40 military council soldiers were killed

On June 8, the KNU officially announced that nearly 5,000 IDPs are fleeing from 11 villages following the Natthankwin battles in which 40 military council soldiers were killed during the fighting between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on June 6.

KNLA and resistance forces attacked the places where stationed by the military council Yaytwin Konelan Khwel outpost, Natthankwin Myoma Police Station, at the top of the Natthankwin bridge, the police and joint military base of the East Guard of the bridge, the army on the east side of King River, the Joint Militia Camp, West Gate, and 5 Bon Thataw Camp.

The KNU officially released the news that the Sittaung River, Natthankwin Bridge, the bridge between Ohnhnepin and Naywepin, and the short bridge between Tharsi and Tarson were demined.

At 8:15 a.m. on June 7th, the army entered and stationed Natthankwin Bridge and Natthankwin Myoma police station and it is reported that the people in the 2nd Ward, 3rd Ward, and 6th Ward of Natthankwin near the bridge and the police station, who did not flee were forced to move out of the ward.

In addition, it is known that the military council army has been continuously firing heavy weapons into the villages on the east bank of the Sittaung River until now.

During the Battle of Natthankwin, 40 soldiers from the Military Council were killed and 12 were injured, 4 revolutionary comrades were killed and 13 were injured, and weapons were seized from the Military Council.

The military council carried out 9 airstrikes in the Battle of Natthankwin. It is written in the statement that a total of 4508 people from villages such as Natthankwin, Daungmo, Tawkyaungpauk, Warpinsu, Thaungpu, Yaytwinkonegyi, Yaytwinkonelay, are fleeing for their lives.


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