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More than 8,000 people who fled the war needed food and medicine in Wetlet

More than 8,000 people who fled the war needed food and medicine in Wetlet

According to Shwe Bo Township's Independent Support Group, more than eight thousand residents of villages in Wetlet Township, Sagaing Division, are fleeing the war and need food and medical aid.

"The details of the incident are not yet known. The column has not yet come out. People fleeing the war need help. We need food and medicine," said the official.

The military council troops launched an air attack on Shwebo Township starting on May 24. Because of the burning, and shooting with large weapons, the local people avoided war in the forest, the monasteries, nearby villages,

It is reported that the residents of the nearby villages, villages in Welet Township such as Tamarkone Village,

Pauk-kone Village, Kyay-Tu-Yway Village, Myitkannkyi Village, Thaeinn Village, Kyuntaw Village, Kyunkyi Village and including WetPaung village, need assistance.

"The people came to us when they were bombarded by fire patrol planes. The military council burned us every day. We ran without anything. We need food. Some elderly people are being treated, as pregnant women, and children. We don't have a hospital and we need medical help. An old person can't eat instead and lies on his back. Someone who falls off a cart, their teeth are broken," said Ko Htet Aung, the deputy in charge of the Tiger Group.

He added that when the NUG government provides support to the displaced people, it would like to receive the assistance of civil society organizations to get 100% of the support into the hands of the displaced people.

"Currently, the monasteries, temples, defense forces, the organization, and the people around the village are helping and providing food, and the medical treatment is being treated by a local doctor," said Ko Htet Aung.

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