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More than 8,000 residents fled due to the Military Council's military raid.

More than 8,000 residents fled due to the Military Council's military raid.

Locals and activists say that more than 8,000 residents are fleeing the war because the military council troops entered Khin Oo township, Sagaing Division, on the morning of July 16, firing large and small weapons.

"Currently, they are entering the southwestern part of Khin Oo Province by dividing into two columns. Of course, the neighboring villages are helping the residents of the villages that are fleeing the war. At present, the residents who are fleeing the war often return to their village if they leave their village for a patrol," said a local defense member from Khin Oo Township.

About 3,000 residents had to flee from the war as the military council troops, around 100 strong, left the No. 8 Training Corps yesterday July 15th from Khuntaunggyi Pyu Saw Hte Village and Nyaung Pin Thar Agricultural Science School in ShweBo District to the southwestern part of Khin Oo Township.

He also said that the military council column stopped overnight at TeBoPin village the night before on July 15th, and today, July 16th, the column entered the villages in the southwestern part of Khin Oo Township.

Because they were entering the column by shooting with big weapons, and small arms, more than 8,000 residents of villages such as Kyunlel, Kyunswel, Shwe Yankin, Kangyingone, and Myohthit are fleeing the war.

It has also been investigated that the military council troops that are currently entering Khin Oo township in a convoy are KhaMaYa 702 and 708 troops that entered Shwe Bo Township with the 20 arrested residents on June 7th.

On June 18th, military council troops from the KhaMaYa 702 and 708 units, which were marching into Khin Oo Township, came out from Ye Oo Township on June 18 and destroyed villages and killed a civilian by beheading them.

In addition, the military council army arrested more than twenty local civilians, dressed them in military uniforms, and used them as human shields, according to local defense groups.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the civilians arrested as human shields have been released.

At present, the military council troops are moving toward Ye Oo Township from where they started, according to local residents.

"Currently, the military council line is entering the villages with heavy weapons and small arms, so they have to stay away from the war. This column is about to enter the direction of Ye Oo Township," said a resident who fled the war.


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