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More than a thousand residents are fleeing because of the column in Myaung

More than a thousand residents are fleeing because of the column in Myaung

Since early morning on September 14, more than a thousand locals have fled their homes to safety because the military council troops attacked the villages on the west bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River in Myaung Township, Sagaing.

Ko ArMahn, who is in charge of Zone 3 of the Myaung People's Defense Forces said that "They came across by boat. The column is now divided into two lines and is being stitched together.”

On September 14th around 5 o'clock in the morning, the military council column of more than 100 people entered Nagarpauk village and Bonekaung village in Myaung from Semekhone quayside, Myingyan District, Mandalay Region crossing the Ayeyarwaddy River. Currently, due to the military council's column, residents from 10 villages such as Nagarpauk, Bonekaung, Naypukone, Chaungthin, Manmataw, Taunggyi, Shwebothar villages are fleeing.

Ko ArMahn said, "Those who have fled the war are fleeing to nearby villages.” Residents said that since the villages that are being raided are located in the archipelago, it is difficult for the residents to travel and avoid the war, so it is very difficult for the elderly.

Ko ArMahn said that "Currently, we are surrounded by water and cannot reach land. It is an island place between Chindwin and the Ayeyarwaddy River. Because it's on the island side, now the water has risen and fallen, so we can't go by land, and the boats can't drive anywhere.”

More than a thousand people fleeing the war have been sharing rice and food donated by nearby villages and cooking and eating. Additionally, he said, the column that entered yesterday morning and the local defense forces have been fighting since this morning.

Ko ArMahn said that "They are trying to enter a village and if this side resists, then they are fighting in contact. The situation of both sides is still unknown. The fighting is still going on. They are also shooting with big weapons.”


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