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Myanmar, ASEAN rotating responsibility and trilateral solution

Myanmar, ASEAN rotating responsibility and trilateral solution

At the ASEAN summit held in Jakarta, Indonesia the regional leaders discussed Myanmar issues more than in previous meetings. This time, ASEAN's new approach to solving the Myanmar issue under the military coup is the new mechanism that the rotating chairpersons of the 3 countries will cooperate with. The former chairman, who took turns once a year, the current chairman, and the new chairman will be in charge of the cooperation between the 3 countries.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Masudi said that no one can change the situation in Myanmar in 1 year. According to ASEAN's commitment to continue helping Myanmar People, there is a need to develop a “three political leadership team'' mechanism. But there are no details yet. The three countries such as the 2023 rotating chairmanship, Indonesia, Laos, which will take over the presidency in 2024, and Malaysia, which will take over in 2025, will cooperate on Myanmar issues.

President Joko Widodo said at the summit held in recent days that Indonesia has held more than 140 meetings with more than 70 relevant stakeholders to resolve the Myanmar issue. Under the military coup in Myanmar, there have been 3 countries that have taken turns as ASEAN chairman countries.

The National Unity Government (NUG) urges Laos, which will soon take over as the rotating chairman of ASEAN, to continue to carry on the scene built by Indonesia. NUG Foreign Minister Daw Zin Mar Aung said at a press conference last week that “The military council did not listen to other opinions, including ASEAN’s opinion and we should not retreat to what was already there. It should not be possible to restart the progress of the existing situation.”


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