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Myawaddy, Thingan Nyi Naung Asia Road is temporarily closed due to the current battles.

Myawaddy, Thingan NyiNaung Asia Road is temporarily closed due to the current battles.

It is reported that the road is temporarily closed due to heavy fight between the military council troops and the Karen National Liberation Army KNLA on Thingan NyiNaung Asia Road, Karen State Myawaddy City.

The military strategy of the Myawaddy Thingan NyiNaung, 355 KhaMaYa Army Clashes with KNLA joint forces have been going on for two days in a row at the Thingan NyiNaung police station.

On April 1st, KNLA joint troops attacked and captured a Karen Border Guard BGF Canton 4 outpost west of Melkanel Village.

“On April 3rd and 4th, KNLA joint forces blocked three cargo trailers on Thingan NyiNaung Asia Road and blocked the road at Thingan NyiNaung military ByuHarGone. On the side of the police station, the shooting attacks on both sides have intensified” said a security official in the area who did not want to be named.

It is also known that “there was KNLA - Cobra Column to the Thingan NyiNaung. It's been two days since the black leopard convoys have been fighting. Yesterday, they attacked a military vehicle. They also shot at the police station, There were casualties from the military side, today (April 4th) from around 10 am, NyiNaung ByuHarGone and the police station. There were also firing on the side of the army 355. Three 22-wheeler trailers have blocked the road across Asia Road”.

He also said that a civilian was killed by a bullet during two consecutive days of shooting. Currently, the locals are fleeing.

These days, since the army outpost around Myawaddy town, militia BGF outpost and the police outposts are under attack today (April 4th) in the morning of Myawaddy town, Melkanel, Phar Chaung, Kone Thwal Yay Zone, Yay Puu village, Myasnadi Ward, Aung Myay Shwe Bone Ward, security has been increased in areas such as the cane field veterans' quarters.

Until the evening of April 4, there was shooting from both sides in Thingan NyiNaung Military Council Police Station, military ByuHarGone and the 355th Army. The battle continues in the offices of the department offices, villages on the Kokaret side and the District Military Council Administrative Office.


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