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National Unity Consultative Council and National Unity Government Joint Action Committee Against ...

National Unity Consultative Council and National Unity Government

Joint Action Committee Against Illegal Elections

Acknowledging all political parties align with the people that opposed the illegal fake unregistered election by the terrorist military council.

. Regarding the illegal fake election that the terrorist military council is trying to hold, he said, "They are not only trying to seize state power by violating all laws, but also killing people's lives and property every day. Thus, the terrorist military council with all the tortures and destruction has absolutely no authority to hold elections. The "election" that they will hold is not only not a solution to the current Burmese political crisis, but it is only just a deception that does not even deserve to use the term "election." The revolutionary forces have already declared clearly.

2. In 2023, the National Unity Government also stated that the election law imposed by the terrorist military council is invalid and automatically nullified, and the election commission, which was assigned the task of forming by the military, has also fallen into the hands of terrorist organizations. It is clearly stated in the announcement No. (5/2023) which was issued on March 15th.

3. The introduction of the terrorist military invalid election law states that "to form political parties that adopt a true and disciplined multi-party democratic system", thus rejecting the goal of federal democracy, is as expected by the entire ethnic population. It is also necessary to be aware that in the declaration C, it is said that to be submitted by the registered parties includes the fact that "to obey and have respect for the Constitution of the Republic of the Republic of Myanmar" which brings back the 2008 Constitution which has already been abolished. Political parties are strongly urged not to participate in illegal fake elections based on the will of the people all over Myanmar and the ethnic people in their region, who are determined to solve the political problem of Myanmar for more than 70 years once and for all.

4. In spite of the many difficulties and challenges regarding the terrorist military council does not accept the illegal fake election and that the terrorist group is trying to hold without registering with the Election Commission, which is an illegal organization formed by the terrorist army, the positions and attitudes of all political parties who announced their decisions in accordance with the will of the people are recognized and recorded with respect and pride.

5. The announcement by the terrorist subsidiary UEC that they have dissolved all the political parties that were formed democratically without the right to dissolve them is to perpetuate the dictatorship through illegal fake elections and create a scene that will reduce the public to a state of constant fear.


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