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National Unity Government | 13th Meeting

National Unity Government | 13th Meeting

Acting President Duwa Lashi Lactated that this is the time when the power of the military coup army is at its worst at the 13th meeting of the National Unity Government.

The meeting was attended by Acting President Duwa Lashi La including Union Prime Minister Mann Win Khaing Than, Deputy Ministers and Union Ministers.

Acting President Duval Shila said, '’In today's meeting, I would like to talk about the country's bankrupt economic situation at Duwa Lashi La country's gross domestic product fell to 18 percent. This shows that the life of the people at the bottom are facing an economic crisis that is getting worse day by day. He said that the main culprit of the economic crisis facing the country and the entire public is because of Min Aung Hlaing and his terrorist military groups.

In fact, this is the time when the situation of the military army is at its worst. The reason why I say this is because the collective strength of the people, which I have never experienced before, is that they opposed the military in various ways. He also said that the coup leader's actions can be brought before the international court with a lot of evidence.

He continued to state that , ‘'I would like to tell people to live with great caution because the terrorist acts, human rights violations can be done more than before. At the same time, I would like to appeal to ethnic leaders again.”

He also said that in order to maintain their power, the coup army will destroy the understanding among our ethnic leaders. They will try to separate our trust-system in various ways. So people need to be careful.

“Always remember that the people who appointed you as the leader are suffering and the atrocities of the army that make people suffer. Please reflect on the people's faces. I would like to appeal to you to protect the people in your region with political dignity rather than personal gain” said Acting President Duwa Lashi La

“In addition to this, since we are working to root out the terrorist army from all sides, all the ministries are to be more practical at this meeting and work as necessary to work in effective ways according to the international rules and the conditions on the ground and we need to try to implement it in a timely manner” he said.


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