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Nearly 10,000 residents of Ye U and Tabayin are fleeing the war.

Nearly 10,000 residents of Ye U and Tabayin are fleeing the war.

Residents said that nearly 10,000 residents have fled in more than 20 villages in Ye Oo Township and Tabayin Township in Sagaing Division after the military council troops opened fire.

People's Defense Comrade information officer Ko Htoo Khant Zaw said that since July 17th, residents have been fleeing since the military council column of more than 100 people entered the villages and opened fire with heavy weapons.

"Even at night, there are heavy weapons and shouting. There are more than five hundred people in a village. If there are more than twenty villages, there is a large number of people who avoided the war. There are known villages and there will be other villages nearby. Some are evading relatives in monasteries. Since last June, it's just a column that has been going around the villages and burning them. They entered the Khin Oo area and filled up their armed forces."

On July 19th, the village in the southern part of Ye U Township was being fired upon with heavy weapons. Residents from YwarTharLay, MuTharKone, Kokekosu, PaukTgar, SaeGyi, Chaung Pauk in the eastern part of Tabayin Township, residents from LatYarKone, NyaungGyiKone, Aung Chan Thar, Thayettaw, Tgapyaythar, KanKone, WaeGyi are said to be fleeing.

He also said that the military council columns were stationed in some monasteries in the southern part of Ye Oo District.

A person in charge of the Sagaing People's Support Network, which helps refugees, said that it is difficult to assist without opening a separate war refugee camp for those who are fleeing.

"If the convoy comes from the south, they run to the north. If the convoy comes from the north, they run to the south. If the convoy comes from the east, they run to the west. There is no specific place that always avoids war.”

This month, Residents also said that military council columns were simultaneously attacking Ye U, Khin Oo, Taze, Tabayin, and Shwe Bo townships.


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