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Nearly 40 houses were burned in Niyalawhtar village, Hakha city.

Nearly 40 houses were burned in Niyalawhtar village, Hakha city

■ Chin State Residents said that nearly 40 homes were destroyed by a 50-strong column that entered and burned Niyalawhtar village in Hakha Township on the morning of April 15th.

It is said that Niyalonthar village is three furlongs away from Hakha Township and has more than 40 houses and nearly 120 people.

A resident of Hakha, who did not wish to be named, said that only four houses in the entire village remained unburnt.

"It's like the whole village was burnt down. Out of more than 40 houses in the whole village, only four houses were left unburnt. Since the column entered, everyone in the village has been avoiding it. No one has been injured."

He said that the column had left Hakha town to help the military council forces trapped in Chon Kone village.

On March 9th in Sagaing Division, locals said that after Chin area defense groups intercepted a military council convoy of nearly 30 vehicles, including two armored cars, which was coming from Kale town to Hakha town, the military council responded with airstrikes and burned down entire villages.



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