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Nearly 400 war refugees in MinHla Township are in need of emergency assistance.

Nearly 400 war refugees in Min Hla Township are in need of emergency assistance.

In the Southern part of Magway region, the military junta marched on West Rome Mountain in the Upper Minhla Township for a week with three (3) columns. One village in Chin state was burned to the ground, and at least five (5) villages are in need of emergency assistance.

"They are going through war and famine. They had to work daily to eat every day. Most of them are children. They are in quite a lot of trouble. The village was burned down without any battle," said one of the people helping the refugees.

Since April 20th, the military troops have been patrolling in MinHla township with about 150 forces from the side of Latt Pan Tagar village. On the side of the burning village, there were more than 50 forces in formation. Between MinHla Township and Mindon Township, more than 50 forces and a total force of nearly 300 formed a column, and on April 22nd, the entire village was burned to the ground.

Because they were afraid of the military column, more than 400 refugees in villages in Chin state such as Yay Yin, Ya Phone, Taung Phe Lar, Chaung Thar, Kyauk Si, Nga Yoke Kaung and Mee Laung Kone have fled the war in nearby forest ravines, 80 percent of them are children. Some students and the elderly are on the run as well.

"On the 22nd, the village of Yay Yin was set on fire without any villagers present. There are 19 houses listed. According to the ground survey, only one house is left among the 25 houses. The rest of the houses were burnt to ashes. Public houses such as teacher's houses were scrambled as well. The school supplies were burned down too," said the officer in charge of the MinHla Township Public Defense Force.

It is reported that the military troops formed a moving column from the side of Latt Pan Tagar village, and they retreated after doing a formation in Latt Pan village.

Although the military council has retreated, those who escaped the war were unable to find basic food. It is reported that shelter and medicine are also in urgent need of assistance.

In those (3) lines, some battalions under the 88th Army, Defense Equipment Factory (KaPaSa)-2, KaPaSa -10, KaPaSa -13 and the Navy are also involved.

In Magyway Region, Tharak District, upper Minhla Township, about 20 Russia, Chinese and North Korean weapons manufacturing experts at No. (10) defense equipment factory (KaPaSa-10) were

attacked with two (2) 107 mm anti-aircraft missiles.

At around 8:30 PM on April 7th, about 20 weapons manufacturing experts from Russia, China and North Korea were attacked when they were there to upgrade the technology of the missiles being produced at KaPaSa-10, said Yan Gyi Aung, who is in charge of the Minhla People's Defense Force.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) as of April 5th, there are more than 1.8 million people who have fled their homes due to armed conflicts in Myanmar.

Nearly one million and five hundred thousand are people who fled their homes due to armed conflict and insecurity after the military dictatorship in February of 2021.

It is said that there are no less than 250,000 people from Magway who evaded the war.

According to Data For Myanmar, as of February 28th, there are more than 60,000 households in the whole country, with Sagaing having the highest number of 48,000 and Magway having the second highest number of 9,000,


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