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Nearly 700 residents are fleeing due to the military junta army entering the eastern part of Myaing

Nearly 700 residents are fleeing due to the military junta army entering the eastern part of Myaing .

In this morning, the military council army entered the villages in the eastern part of Myaing Township, Magway, so four villages in that area, 700 local people from about five villages, nearly 1,000 have fled to nearby areas, residents said.

Yesterday, May 1, the military group that entered through Pakukku town was attacked by the local defense groups, causing the military group's convoy to turn back. Early today, a 100-strong infantry army entered Myaing.

He said, "The military junta army that came in from the day before laid a mine on the side of Kai village, and the military junta army was knocked back. At night, they spread out from the ridge of Shin Ma Taung on the east side of Myaing from the junction of the three districts of Yaysukkyo, Myaing, and Pakokku.

Today, in the morning, there were battles with the people’s defense forces and the military junta army. They had been preparing to run since they came in, and when they came, they ran away," he said.

The military group entered Leksekkan village in the eastern part of Myaing this morning with heavy and small weapons, and there were also contacts with the local defense groups near there, but the extent of both sides is not yet known.

Currently, due to the military group's junta, Wahkan, Daung U Gyi, Leksekkan and HtaNaungKhaLa, said that nearly 700 residents of villages have fled away from the military group and are worried that the military group will burn down the villages.

According to the local defense forces, when the military group wants to deliver food to the PyuSawHte villages, including the PyaSwHte camps where they are stationed, this sort of column is used.

"The defense groups on this side are not yet in a position to wage a long-term battle, so when they reach the minefields, they draw mines. In the areas they own, they engage in close combat with small weapons. There is no such thing as a long-term battle like the EAO side," he said.

Currently, there is still a column that entered the eastern side of Myaing from the Pakokku side and another column that entered the west of Myaing from the side of Pauk Township.


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