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Nearly forty defense forces were killed within five days in Sagaing region.

Nearly forty defense forces were killed within five days in Sagaing region.

In Sagaing region, which is facing strong resistance to the military council and is also facing the worst repression, nearly forty defense forces have been killed in the last five days, according to news reports and ground sources.

The villages on the outskirts of Sagaing region, which is located on the banks of the Irrawaddy River west of Mandalay, have been fighting continuously because the military army has been attacking by land and sea for the past few days.

Along with the fighting, the relevant defense forces have released reports on the casualties of the defense forces as a result of raids by the military council on defense bases, as well as ground news sources.

Yesterday, in the morning of June 29th, there was an encounter between the military army and the revolutionary forces on the Sagaing-Shwebo strategic road near Taline village in the north of Sagaing, between Sagaing and Wetlet, and up to 14 members of the revolutionary army were killed.

A military group of about 40 men marched along the Irrawaddy River from the Mandalay side. With three speedboats, they started raiding the villages on the banks of the river in Sagaing region, and then continued to enter the village of Taline.

Among the soldiers who died, there was also Sagaing District PDF Battalion (3rd) Deputy Battalion Commander. Revolutionary soldiers confirmed that 9 people, including company commanders and division commanders, 2 from the 1st Battalion and 3 from Pyin Oo Lwin District People's Defense Group as well.

Similarly, Sagaing region, on the 25th of June, when the military council soldiers raided the PDF camp in Kintaw village, 15 soldiers and two female policemen were killed.

Among the 17 female police officers, some of their comrades were set on fire, and the two female police officers who were gang-raped by them were left with injuries after being beaten up by a group of people, according to a source close to the local defense groups.


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