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Nearly two hundred Myanmar nationals were arrested in Thailand within one month.

Nearly two hundred Myanmar nationals were arrested in Thailand within one month.

In September, according to the aid workers in Thailand, the Thai government arrested nearly 200 Myanmar nationals who crossed the border illegally through the Thailand-Myanmar border.

U Moe Gyo, the Chairman of the Joint Action Committee for Burmese Affairs (JACBA) said that according to Thai immigration laws, the Thai government will open a case against those arrested and take action against them. "Those caught will be prosecuted for illegal border crossing and illegal immigration. The drivers have been included in the category of people smuggling. While the Thai government has not yet begun to focus on foreign workers, the information about good income in Thailand and there are good jobs in Thailand is wrong. The false information was misled by the brokers, and under the deception of the brokers that there was a good job in Thailand for their benefit, they came to Thai after pawning their houses, yard, and others.”

(Photo: AFP)

Thai government authorities said that in tightening arrests this month, most Myanmar nationals who entered through the illegal border route to work in Thailand were arrested.

U Moe Gyo said that Myanmar nationals have been paying up to twenty thousand Thai baht to human trafficking brokers who promise to find work in Thailand.

According to the Thai Labor Department, 1,850 Myanmar nationals were among the foreigners arrested for working without permission in the year from October last year to September 25 this year. Under the Thai government's existing Trafficking in Persons Act, victims of human trafficking face six months to one year in prison, while traffickers face one to four years in prison. Illegal border crossing will result in imprisonment of one and a half to three months.



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