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Neighboring countries need to open the way for humanitarian aid to be provided effectively.

Neighboring countries need to open the way for humanitarian aid to be provided effectively.

The Myanmar Medical Association (BMA) has recommended (5) points to international governments and organizations, including providing humanitarian aid across the border in all ways.

It also includes a point to work with local organizations to provide humanitarian aid most effectively to the people who really need it.

At the (11th) conference of the Myanmar Medical Association (BMA), the association made the above recommendations to international governments and organizations.

"The routes that cross the border are actually bordering countries with Burma. In particular, there will be Thailand, China, and India. It is important to open up routes from such countries.”

“Only by opening such channels will humanitarian aid truly reach the people who need it," said Saw Nay Htoo, a spokesperson for the conference statement.

In the same way, in order for humanitarian aid to reach the groups that already exist in the region, Saw Nay Htoo said that humanitarian aid will reach the areas in need only if we can work together with groups such as education, health and social.

"The groups that exist in the region are not newly formed organizations. They are groups that have been in the region for many years and decades. They are organizations that truly understand the difficulties in the region, no matter what others say. That's why it is important to work with them," he continued.

Among the suggestions and requests of the Myanmar Medical Association to international governments and organizations are to assist in the safe care of people in need of health assistance. To take all possible measures for the immediate release of all political prisoners, including the medical professionals who were arbitrarily detained by the illegal coup military council, without exception. It includes factors not to recognize the coup military council as a government.

The BMA said in a statement that due to the current military dictatorship, Myanmar's politics, economy, social and educational conditions have worsened, and the health conditions have reached a very alarming level.

The 11th Conference of the Myanmar Medical Professionals Association (BMA) was held last June (23rd) to June (24th) at a place on the Thai-Myanmar border. Officials from the National Unity Government (NUG) Ministry of Health and Education. A total of (109) people attended, including leaders and partner organizations from the Department of Ethnic Health.


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