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Nestle will stop its operations in Myanmar .

Nestle will stop its operations in Myanmar

Nestle, the Swiss food company, announced on February 27 that it will suspend its operations in Myanmar.

Due to the current economic situation, the company's headquarters and factory in Yangon will be suspended, AFP reported by a company spokesperson. Nestle Myanmar Company is producing food products in the country such as ready-to-drink coffee, Maggi noodles and Milo chocolate.

Despite the suspension of business in Myanmar, He said he will continue in neighbouring Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines.They also said that they will help as much as possible for those who will be affected by the plan to stop operations, but it is unknown how many employees are there currently working.

After the military coup in February 2021, due to the emergence of economic crises, international companies are gradually leaving Myanmar, and now the latest Nestle company has joined.


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