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NUG announcement to serve as aerial scout to prevent air attacks.

The National Unity Government's Ministry of Defense issued a statement today, February 16, saying that people need to serve as aerial scouts in order to prevent airstrikes by the coup army.

Airfields, including air bases, in order to know the air movements of the military in real-time. Regular monitoring and reporting of helipads

The public will be sent information along the air traffic route

It is stated in the statement that they are invited.

Therefore, for those who want to act as aerial scouts to protect people's lives, the NUG Ministry of Defense telegram It has been announced that you can contact.

Strong resistance to the military council after the military coup .Most of the regions, including the ethnic areas, are controlled by the army council on land. Not only did they repress, but they also carried out repeated airstrikes.

Among the military's airstrikes, in addition to the People's Defense Forces

Villages where local residents live, schools, and war evacuation camps have been included

Civilians, including children, due to air strikes. Many civilians have died.

In September 2022, among the military's airstrikes, Sagaing Division, About 30 people, including children, were killed in the attack on the Leyet Kone Village School in Dipayin Township.

Similarly, in Kachin State, 70 people were killed in an aerial bombardment of the Kachin Liberation Organization KIO's anniversary concert in Phakant Township.

The events that killed more than 100,000 people were the most civilian casualties.

On the other hand, the revolutionary forces and human rights activists called for a ban on the sale of jet fuel to the military group and a no-fly zone.


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