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NUG calls on G20 member countries to stop selling arms and jet fuel to Myanmar's military junta.

NUG calls on G20 member countries to stop selling arms and jet fuel to Myanmar's military junta.

On September 6, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the National Unity Government, NUG, requested five points from the G20 member countries, including ending the sale of jet fuel to the Myanmar military council and providing arms. The NUG made this request two days before the G20 meeting to be held in New Delhi, India on September 9th and 10th this month.

The NUG government has urged the G20 member countries to demand an immediate end to the violence committed by the military against the people due to the Myanmar military's violent repression. Additionally, the NUG also demanded that the revenue streams of the terrorist army and organizations that provide financial support for their terrorist activities be cut off.

US President Biden will attend the G-20 summit to be hosted by the Indian government, and it is not yet known whether he will discuss the Myanmar issue at that meeting.

The NUG government said the situation in Myanmar should not be ignored because the crisis in Myanmar is a significant disaster and a threat to political security for all G20 member countries. The NUG pointed out that due to the crisis in Myanmar, all the neighboring countries that depend on Myanmar for the economy and development of the border regions, especially China, India, and Thailand had economic impacts. Additionally, the NUG pointed out that the G20 countries are the most affected by criminal gangs based in Myanmar committing online fraud, and are losing millions of dollars.

Similarly, the NUG government calls on the G20 countries to cooperate with the NUG's alliances, including the NUG, in supporting humanitarian and development projects and cross-border administration within Myanmar. The NUG also called on the G20 member countries to provide technical and capacity-building assistance to the NUG and its allies to tackle cross-border crime. Among the G20 industrial leaders, world-powerful countries such as the United States, the UK, Russia, Germany, and France as well as Myanmar's neighboring countries such as China and India are included.


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