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NUG courts completed more than 200 cases.

NUG courts completed more than 200 cases.

On August 4, the Ministry of Justice of the National Unity Government announced that it was able to complete more than 200 cases until June 2023. The Ministry of Justice, 29 lawsuits, 173 criminal cases were completed, 74 illegal cases, 306 criminal cases were heard, and 53 percent of the cases were completed successfully.

According to the statement, from August 3 to 5 in 2023, a total of 30, including 19 judges, 5 law officers, and six head office officers are being given training on dispute resolution. The structure and procedures of the courts operating following the conditions of the revolution during the interim period are a step for the courts that will be established in the future federal union.

On May 19, 2022, Acting President) of the National Unity Government, Duwa Lashi La said that 25 court offices have been opened in NUG-controlled areas. The townships announced by NUG are 15 townships in Sagaing Division such as Tamu, YinMarBin, Katy’s, Kawlin, Kanbalu, Banmauk, Kyunhla, Indaw, Tigyaing, Kanu, Wetlet, Ayadaw, Myinmu, Taze, and Khin Oo. Courts will be opened in these 15 townships, and five judges will be appointed per township. The NUG Ministry of Justice was established on June 5, 2021.



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