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NUG Interim President receives EU Special Representative for Myanmar.

NUG Interim President receives EU Special Representative for Myanmar

"We also discussed how to expand measures against terrorist groups" - Presidential Office Spokesperson U Kyaw Zao

It is reported that Acting President of the National Unity Government, Duwal Shila, received the European Union's Special Representative for Myanmar, Igor Dr. Mann, online yesterday, and discussed Myanmar issues for about 1.5 hours.

In the meeting, they discussed the problems facing the country due to the terrorist group and the suffering of the people, and discussed the ways that the European Union can provide assistance to Myanmar, the interim president's office reported.

"The special representative said that the European Union will help Myanmar and the Burmese people as much as they can. They will support the desire of the people of Burma to become a true federal democracy in all possible ways, and we also discussed how to expand measures against the terrorist group," said U Kyaw Zo, the presidential spokesperson.

In the current Spring Revolution, the National Unity Government, ethnic armed groups, ethnic organizations U Kyaw Zao, who participated in the above meeting, said that the topic of the revolutionary struggle to eradicate the military council was discussed extensively with all the public.

According to reports, regular communication between the United Nations and the European Union Special Representative will continue.

The EU's latest sanctions include the Military Council's deputy interior minister, Gen. Tory, and the Office of the Chief of Military Security, which is responsible for managing the interrogation centers. The EU is the Burmese military, The Military Council and 93 individuals and 18 organizations related to them have been banned.

(Interim President Duval Sheila meeting with the EU Myanmar Special Representative, Igor Dr. Mann)


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