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NUG send a request letter to Thai natural gas industry.

NUG send a request letter to Thai natural gas industry.

On the evening of March 20th, the National Unity Government NUG Ministry of Electricity and Energy and the Ministry of Finance and Investment held a press conference on Myanmar's oil and gas industry online.

At the press conference, Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy U Maw Tun Aung said that the NUG government sent a demand letter to Thailand's natural gas company PTTEP, which is working with the military council, on March 20.

This action will be submitted to the arbitration court as per the original agreement and it is in accordance with the law, he said.

The request will be answered within 30 days, and if there is no response, legal action will be taken. "In order to decide these things, it will be presented to the arbitration court through legal channels. We are going as per the contract. Today's press conference is to inform that the National Unity Government is going along the political and legal path," said U Tin Tun Naing, Minister of the Ministry of Finance and Investment.

The military council is getting a lot of profits from the oil and gas industry.

"In the four months from April to July, the second quarter of 2022, the Military Council received more than 800 million US dollars from oil and natural gas. The terrorist army, which receives such an amount of money, is terrorising and killing its own people," he said. Therefore, U Tin Tun Naing said that PTTEP needs to cooperate in this case.

"That's why, as PTTEP, all the hardships suffered by the Burmese people have joined us and by cooperating in this revolution, the Burmese people will thank Thailand and PTTEP for generations to come. I want to say that it will be remembered forever," he said, not because he wants to harm the company.

Continuing to answer questions from those attending the press conference, he answered that the natural gas imported from Myanmar is only six to eight percent of Thailand's needs when asked whether the city of Bangkok could go dark due to the current measures.


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