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NUGPay users are exempted from the activation code fee for one year..

UGPay users are exempted from the activation code fee for one year.

NUGPay will complete one year on July 1st, and from July 1st, 2022, to June 30th, 2023, NUGPay users who have opened an activation code payment account (5,000 Kyats) for one year will be exempted from having to pay the activation code fee for another year from the first-anniversary date. Released by the Ministry of Finance and Investment.

From July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024, the activation fee is waived for one year.

Those who are exempted for one year and want to pay for the activation code can donate to the CDM employee activation code program, according to the statement.

It is said that it is intended to benefit the revolution's support sector to broaden the public.

The findings of the New Myanmar Education (NME) hearing and investigation team on the school process stated that the National Unity Government has made an effort to end dependence on financial systems under the control of the Terrorist War Council, to solve the security challenges faced by the people, and to eradicate the military dictatorship. Review and recommendations published by the Ministry of Education.

The New Myanmar Education (NME) hearing and investigation team held 11 meetings and asked questions about the school process. Reviews and recommendations to the National Unity Government. The Ministry of Education has announced a notification dated June 30.

Among the findings of the hearing and investigation team, three (3) members of the complainant's office, U Kaung Su Thway, In the process of announcing the dismissal of the school principal and a teacher by the school management board, it was found that they were not given the right to be questioned and questioned. In addition to this, the school's management team, Most of the teachers, and students have financial groups. It was found that the students did not know and the management team of the school, Financial groups are also students. It is reported that parents are involved.

Among the reviews of the hearing and investigation team, parents were not invited to attend the meeting called by the school. Students who do not play video Banning students from the Telegram channel also causes emotional damage to young children. The school's financial accounts are accurate. Open and transparent With strong evidence, teachers Teachers student students It was not shown to the parents. teacher, Teacher's student It is reported that he is a person who behaves rudely toward students.

The hearing and investigation team recommends that the school's governing body, The policies issued by the Ministry of Education and Finance It is stated that it should be reorganized and continued by the instructions and further instructions.

In addition to this, the monthly deficit financial policy should be prepared, and the monthly financial statements should be prepared for teachers, teachers, and students. It is stated that it should be openly announced to students and parents.

Both sides must follow the recommendations and if they don't follow the policy, the Ministry of Education will guidance The statement stated that they will continue to act according to the law.


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