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NUGPay will take action against infiltrations and frauds that could harm security .

During the revolution, NUGPay will take action against infiltrations and frauds that could harm security and the revolution.

During the revolution, NUGPay announced that it is taking measures to prevent infiltration and fraud that could harm the security of the revolutionary forces and the revolution.

According to the statement, the NUGPay accounts of those who reported fraud and some of the accounts that were helping the fraudsters to withdraw money were closed, and some of the defrauded money was retained and returned to the donors in time.

If it has been wrongly reported, you can contact us and solve it with strong evidence, and if the evidence of the solution is not strong, they take the security of users seriously and act by the rules and regulations issued by the NUGPay Fraud Management Team.

The details of the cases that have been resolved are maintained in an orderly manner, according to the procedures of the organizations related to money. For the security of the relevant revolutionary forces, they informed the public that no clarifications will be made. NUGPay has taken advantage of the public's donations during the revolution and is taking action to prevent infiltration and fraud.

If there are complaints that PDF, LPDF, UG, and other organizations are lying, to those in charge of the relevant groups, either the relevant ministries were informed that actions were taken only after verifying and verifying the records of money diversion. When taking action, the closure of new accounts is based on evidence and Warning, Temporary Freezing of Accounts, Permanent Freezing of Accounts, and Blacklisting.


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