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One civilian was killed, and one was missing in the North Village of Yay Sa Kyo.

One civilian was killed and one was missing in the North Village of Yay Sa Kyo ( ရေစကြို ) MeeLaungKyun ‌

On March 20th, around 6:00 a.m Military council troops raided the village of MeeLaungKyun North on the island of yay lel in the Yay Sa Kyo Island, Magway Division, and shot and killed a 58-year-old resident. Moreover, it is also said that the military also arrested the nearby locals who have been fleeing.

While the military council troops entered the village monastery, they shot and arrested local residents, including civilians, from villages such as Shwe Hlain and Zayat Ni.

At the time of the raid, the military council troops set fire to the houses of the village, 160 women plus, More than 70 men were arrested and interrogated.

During that shooting and arrest, nearly 70 people fleeing the war were arrested and later released, but U Maung Han, a 58-year-old resident of the North Village of MeeLaungKyun, died. Local residents said that a young man was seriously injured and a local resident was missing. Currently, the military council troops are in the village of Phang Nyo in Myoung Town and are setting fire to it while the local residents of the village of MeeLaungKyun are searching for the missing people.

The military council column is a battalion under the 99th Division based in Mithila Town, and in early March, 14 men and 3 women were raped and killed in Tar Tai Village, Sagaing Division, and 7 civilians were killed, including Pyigyi Takkhon Sayar Taw, from the small town of MyinMu, Lakpin village, according to local confirmation.

In the two years since the military coup, the National Unity Government has announced that the military council has committed 64 mass murders involving more than five people and killed 766 people.


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