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Only 3% were political prisoners in the 70,000 of people released in the two years.

Only 3% were political prisoners in the 70,000 of people released in the two years since the military dictatorship.

From February of 2021, when the military took power, till the first four months of 2023, amnesty was announced 11 times. The military council's statement said that 337 foreign prisoners and 69,417 national prisoners were pardoned.

According to surveys conducted by the Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners (AAPP), there are 5,444 political prisoners among all pardons, but only 2,373 can be verified.

In the latest announced amnesty, there were only three political prisoners. Out of a total of 70,000 people who were released, only 2300 political prisoners could be confirmed, so it was observed that only 3% were released so far.

According to the list released by (AAPP) as of April 21st, there are 2,1474 political prisoners arrested since the military dictatorship and 17,570 remain in prisons.

In fact, the United Nations and ASEAN countries have been demanding from abroad to release all political prisoners unconditionally. But we can only see that most of the people who are imprisoned for crimes are released.

An AAPP official, who did not want to be named for security reasons, said that the military junta only pretends to release political prisoners when they want to avoid international and domestic pressure.

Those who were freed by the early release of the military council continued to rebel against them. Supporters of the military have strongly criticized the amnesty for continuing their activities in the liberated areas.

AAPP's list states that among the political prisoners arrested by the military council were 590 children, more than 4,300 women and 110 people who have been sentenced to death.


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