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Only criminal prisoners and deserters and police fugitives were released..

Only criminal prisoners and deserters and police fugitives were released in the release of the military council.

In commemoration of Myanmar New Year's Day, the military council released more than 3,000 prisoners on bail and released them on this day, according to people close to the prison and those who help political prisoners.

Today, in the release of around two hundred prisoners from Insein prison, not a single political prisoner was involved, nor were political prisoners involved in the release of more than two hundred prisoners from prisons, detention centers, and labor camps in Mon State.

"Among those who have been released since morning, those who really deserve to be released have not yet been released." "We see that they are releasing people for other crimes. I heard that no one will be released today for those who are in prison for politics or 505. I want to release the remaining prisoners as soon as possible," said a family member of Yangon.

He said that the people who are released from the prisons are the people who are serving prison terms for crimes such as fraud, murder, and rape. And Most of those who were accused of theft and robbery.

In addition, the 13-prisoner released in Bago province are only criminal prisoners.

Similarly, most of the people who were released from (11) prisons in Mon State were initially accused of drugs, theft, robbery, murder and those who have been sentenced to prison for desertion and police desertion.

"We know from the lists we got that none of the political outcasts were actually released, and we all know that they are releasing them on purpose," said a resident of Thaton township who helps political prisoners.

Political prisoners arrested after the coup dictatorship in Mon State were mainly detained in the Central Prison of Kyaikmaraw Town. According to people close to the prison, there are a total of more than 300 political prisoners who have been imprisoned for political crimes in various provinces such as Yangon, Mon and Karen.

According to AAPP, a support association for political prisoners, more than 400 people were arrested during the (801) days of the military coup in Mon State, of which more than 200 have been released so far today.

There was only news that Union Minister U Kyaw Win of the NLD will be released today, but not many other political prisoners have been said to be released yet.

U Tun Kyi, one of the leading committee members of the former political prisoners' group, said, "Before they release such people, they negotiate in advance with them and then prepare in advance to oppress the people in the various regions they want to be, especially people with drugs cases, war deserters and police fugitives, and then the murderers and the rapes."

The coup military council has released prisoners nine times in more than two years, including today's release, and only five thousand were political prisoners in the release of more than sixty thousand prisoners.

According to the lists of AAPP, more than 21,000 people have been arrested since the military dictatorship, and more than 3,800 of them have been released. More than 17,000 of those arrested after the coup are still kept in prison.


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