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Over 100 houses were burned down in one week due to a military attack near Pazigyi village .

Over 100 houses were burned down in one week due to a military attack near Pazigyi village, and thousands of local people are still on the run.

In Sagaing Division, Kanbabu District, East Side, villages near Pazigyi village, the joint column of 361st Army and 88th Division, consisting of 200 members of the military armies, entered the column on April 22nd. And within a week, it is reported that more than 100 houses were burned down in the villages of Lay Twin Sin, Chaung Thar and Myay Mon.

From April 22nd to April 26th, 68 houses, including a clinic, were destroyed in Lay Twin Sin village due to the fire attack. A total of 125 houses were destroyed, 53 houses in the village of Chaung Thar and four houses in the village of Myay Mon.

It is also known that the village of Myay Mon was burned for the second time, and nearly 300 houses were destroyed in the fire.

The people of these villages have to leave the area and flee. About ten villages have been burned. It is reported that some villagers were also injured due to the heavy shooting with various weapons.

It is also known that Pazigyina is constantly being surrounded by military troops, so the people who are avoiding it are facing difficulties in their everyday life.

"It's a battle.They bombarded on air. But there was no injury on our side. Mines were pulled on their side, so they are mostly injured by the mines. They didn't come from the air both yesterday and today. From the village of Pyu where they were, there were heavy weapons being fired. I won't talk about the current battle areas because of security," said a member of the Kanbalu local public defense force.

At present, as the military council army continues to march and clashes with the People's Defense Forces continue, thousands of people from at least ten villages, including the villages in front of Kanbalu such as the villages of Pazigyi, PaziLay, Chaung Ywar, Chaung Shay, Myay Mon, Thayar Mon, Thiri Mon and Sakyin are said to be fleeing to safety.

On April 11th, military council troops bombed the opening ceremony of the People's Defense Forces district office in Pazigyi Village, east of Kantablu, killing 168 civilians including children.

It is reported that since April 19th, the military council has been conducting continuous ground and aerial attacks on Pazigyi village and nearby villages. On April 22nd, 25 members of the military council were killed and one member of the People's Defense Force was injured due to the battle near the village of Lay Twin Sin which is about one mile away from the village of Pazigyi.


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