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People from more than 30 villages had to flee because 4 army columns entered Kanbalu township.

People from more than 30 villages had to flee because 4 army columns entered Kanbalu township.

According to those helping to avoid the war, local people in more than 30 villages in Kantablu township of Sagaing Division, have fled their homes due to the arrival of 4 military council columns in Htangone district this morning.

Today, on May 17th at 6 am, about 150 army of KhaMaYa (368) who left from the side of Koe village in Karbo district fired heavy weapons from the side of NyangZingyi village towards Minkone village, while KhaMaYa (361) about 120 strong army came out from Kyay Pin Ae village and entered InlelGyi village with weapons.

In addition, Pyu Saw Htee column, based in Lạ Hla village, entered the Ywama villages as well. It is also reported that the army and Pyu Saw Htee’s joint column that came out from the Kanbalu (6006) mobile unit opened fire and entered the village of NyanIn in this morning and set the village on fire.

"Not all villages have to avoid the same morning today. At first there were only 15 villages. Now it's like more than 30 villages have to be fleeing at the same time," said those who are helping people fleeing the war.

Due to the entry of 4 columns, the people of villages such as Kyay Pin As, NyanIn, Inlelgyi, Ywama, Ywathit, Nyaung Poung Yin, YeeDway, Thayattaw, Ingar Dount, Kyunpin Kone, SuuPatKone, Botelkone, BoKone, Melthi, NyaungZinGyi, MinKone (Ka), Shan Tat, Zee Phyu Kone, Yaw Shan Tat, Pay Lel, ThapyayLay village, and the nearby villages are also fleeing from their homes.

The military council columns armed the villages. They entered houses with small weapons, ransacked them, and stole things. Residents said that most houses are being burnt and destroyed in every village.

During last April and May, due to the daily entry of military council columns, the number of people fleeing the war has increased and it has now reached over 50,000, according to a statement issued by the Kyunhla activists' group on May 16.

"There are many difficulties in avoiding the war. Now the weather is hot, I'm worried about my health because it's raining. There are also only a few health workers who can take care of them," said an official of the Kyunhla activists' group.

According to relief organizations, with the increase in the number of people fleeing the war, the main need was food, The need for shelter and basic medicine has also increased, and the need for emergency medicine such as anti-snake venom has increased.

According to UNOCHA Myanmar, there are 1.8 million people who have fled their homes due to armed conflict after the military dictatorship and according to ISP Myanmar, more than half of those displaced are from Sagaing region.


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