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People who are affected by the storm want to check the electric cables in every house

People who are affected by the storm want to check the electric cables in every house before giving electricity.

A very strong cyclone centered on Sittwe town and hit all the villages in the northern part of Rakhine state, causing all the electricity lines in the houses including the main power lines to be damaged.

Since there are many breaks and damages in the electricity cables from the power poles and the power cables from the houses, the people affected by the storm have requested that the military council must check the power cables running to the power poles and houses before providing electricity.

A resident of Sittwe said, "Almost every home in my town has been destroyed. The electric wires are broken in places where they are broken, and the wires are stuck together. The military council has said that the electricity will be restored by the end of this month, June. I am worried that if the electrical wires in the houses are not checked carefully when the electricity is turned on, everything will be shocked, and they will die. We need to check the power poles and the cables that run to the house."

It is reported that the substation in the town of Ponnagyun, which was damaged by the MOCHA storm, is being repaired and has reached 90 percent completion. In addition, it is known that about 15 towers of the power line that runs from Ann-Mrauk U-Sittwe are being rebuilt.

Currently, in Sittwe City, the restored power poles have been installed with generators, streetlights have been installed, and phone charging points have been designated.

"We see people repairing electric furnaces and street poles. We still don't see people repairing or inspecting the electric cables running to houses. We also see that old cables damaged by the storm are being used instead of new cables for street poles. We are worried about whether the electric cables are safe. If the electric cables are not safe, they will be shocked and die when the electricity is supplied, and the houses will burn down," said a local.

The public should also carefully check the electricity wires in their homes and check with the township electricity distribution department. You should connect with the maintenance and repair center and prepare in advance to prevent electric shock.


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