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Pita Limjaroenrat was not elected Prime Minister

Pita Limjaroenrat was not elected Prime Minister

In Thailand, Pita Limjaroenrat who was proposed by the Move Forward Party as the prime ministerial candidate to the parliament, was not elected as the prime minister because he did not receive enough votes in the parliament.

The 376 votes required to become the prime minister, he only got more than 320 votes.

He won the votes of the members of the mother party. Including the votes of members of parliament from the alliance coalition, the total number of votes received was more than 10 votes.

Today's vote was attended by 750 MPs from the two houses of parliament, and only 216 of the 250 members of the Senate appointed by the military attended.

If you look at the number of votes received today, it also shows that Mr Pita Limjaroenrat, who proclaimed that he would reform the Thai monarchy and reform the country's economy, did not receive the support of the senators appointed by the military.


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