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Police Station in Latho City, Karen State got ambushed.

The military council burned some houses in the city. Karen State. After the police station in Laetho Township, Than Taunggyi Township ,Karen State, was attacked early in the morning today (21st February), the military council burned down some houses in the surrounding villages. Locals said that they opened fire with heavy weapons and some civilians were injured.

"Early in the morning, the Lotho police station was attacked and gunshots were heard. And then the police marched into the city with heavy weapons, Two of the locals were hit by a large weapon. Their injuries are pretty serious," said a local.

“Because of the attack from the military council forces, an 8-year-old child was shot, a 21-year-old man was injured, and at least ten houses and a Christian school were damaged” he said.

“After shooting with heavy weapons, the military council forces entered the city's residential areas, conducted door-to-door interrogations. The houses of those who ran away due to the sound of gunshots, were continued to be burned down by the polices” said a local resident of Lotho.

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the People's Defense Joint Forces stormed the police station in Lotho town, and the Military Council said there were casualties in the attack, but the number is still under investigation.

Residents say that thousands of local civilians in The Taunggyi Township have been forced to flee their homes due to these mutual firefights and heavy weapons fire by the military council.

The town where the shooting happened today is a border area between Bago Division and Karen State, in the northern part of Than Taunggyi City in Karen State. In the last few days, the military council and the PDF have been fighting in Reta Long township west of Lotho city, and Bagu Region PDF has announced that the military council side has been hurt.

A resident of Than Taung said that the military council troops burned down five houses, a car and two motorcycles in Than Taunggyi city, along the borders of Bago and Karen state in the west of Shan Taunggyi town.

Than Taunggyi Township, the area of Lotho is the territory of the common brigade of the Karen National Union (KNU), and the military council camp in that area. Outposts are often attacked and military council convoys are often ambushed. From the time of the military coup in 2021 of February to this day, there have been nearly 80 battles in Than Taunggyi Township,

according to the Northern Thandaung Defense Force.


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