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Pope urges people to help people affected by the storm.

Pope urges people to help people affected by the storm.

Pope Francis urged the people of Myanmar and Bangladesh who were affected by Cyclone MOCHA to help.

After the mass on May 28, the Pope said that more than 800,000 people, including the Rohingya, were affected by the storm.

Treating them as our brothers and sisters, he appeals to people to donate to the humanitarian aid that is needed and to help the authorities to deliver that aid.

On May 14, Cyclone MOCHA, which entered the city of Sittwe in Rakhine State, killed more than 400 people and caused a lot of damage. Most of the dead are Rohingya.

Mr. Ramanathan Balakrishnan, the United Nations Resident Coordinator who is visiting the affected areas of the storm, said yesterday that there are still many people in need of help and we need to be able to reach them. He said they need clean water, shelter, and food.

Rakhine civil organizations are demanding that the military council allow the international groups that will help the people affected by the storm to move freely. The United Nations says it needs $333 million to help those affected by the storm.


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