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Prisoners in Kale prison is in urgent need of medical treatment.

Prisoners in Kale prison is in urgent need of medical treatment.

According to a statement by the main strike committee of Kale Township, the four members of the strike committee, Ko Than Soe Oo, Ma Kyain Don Kaim, Ma Hnin San, and Ko Ko Myo Ko Win, who were arrested and imprisoned in Mawlaik prison, Kale city, Sagaing, need urgent medical treatment due to the injuries they sustained during the interrogation. A member of the main strike committee of Kale Township said that the four of them did not get enough medical treatment. It is also said that they tortured our comrades, some comrades were deaf, and some lost their eyesight. Mainly, they didn’t get enough medical treatment. After that, especially plague, which is an eye disease, is suffering. And it is difficult to get a letter to the prison.

The four members of the strike committee were arrested on April 16 for protesting against the military council. After that, in May, he was sentenced to two years in prison under Section 505 (a) of the Penal Code, and on September 25, Section 50 (j), Sections 50(h) and 52(a) of the Anti-Terrorism Act were sentenced to 10 years in prison by the court-martial, so they will serve a total of 12 years in prison.

Four houses of their families were also bulldozed by the military council. A family member, who did not want to be named for security reasons, said they were unjustly imprisoned.

Currently, an eye disease epidemic is spreading in Mawlaik Kale Prison, and the infected prisoners are losing access to medical treatment and have to pay and be limited to be allowed to send mail to the prison. The Kale Main Strike Committee also said that it was difficult to send mail to the prison due to the military council forces’ tight security.

According to the main strike committee, in Kale Township, 30 people were arrested and killed by the military council for protesting the military coup, and 60 people are currently in prison.

U Kyaw Zaw, a spokesperson of the National Unity Government also said in media interviews that they are making international connections to prevent political prisoners from being subjected to human rights violations. They are requesting to connect with international organizations such as the United Nations Human Rights Council and the ICRC to stop arbitrary arrests and torture in prisons to get health care and to fully enjoy their human rights. He also said that they are cooperating with international organizations to take action against those who commit crimes against political prisoners.

According to AAPP, 24,858 people have been arrested since the military coup d'état until September 29, and 1,9286 of them are still in prison.



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