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Refugees of Typhoon Mocha in SinPhyu Island

Refugees of Typhoon Mocha in SinPhyu Island

In Salin township in Magway, in order to reuse the equipment that was submerged by the storm Mocha in Sin Phyu Island township, they had to wash it with the only water from the street drain in the city and dry it by the side of the road.

As a result of the Mocha storm, the entire town of Sin Phyu Island was flooded, and around 80 villages in Salin Township were flooded and damaged as well.

Although we got back some of the appliances from Sin Phyu Island town, most of the villages did not have the appliances. Residents of NweTaMae village said that the cows floated in the current and went into the Irrawaddy River.

Sin Phyu Island Town, which was flooded by the Cyclone Mocha, is a town in Salin Township located between the Salin River and the Irrawaddy River.


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