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Regarding Myanmar’s politics, NUCC has issued a statement

Regarding Myanmar’s politics, NUCC has issued a statement on China to take special care to avoid taking measures against the wishes of the Burmese people.

The National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) issued a statement saying that if China wants to resolve the Myanmar issue in a good neighborly manner, and if China's interests in Myanmar and the long-term interests of the two countries are to be maintained, special care must be taken to avoid taking actions against the will of the Burmese citizens.

In addition, it has affected the hearts of the people of Myanmar and the relation between the two peoples that the two countries have built and the current interests. He said that he wanted to warn that the long-term interests would be greatly affected.

The NUCC statement stated that China needs to understand that only the Burmese citizens can guarantee the long-term development of China's interests in Myanmar, and the terrorist war council cannot.

In this way, the Military Council sold the military equipment used to torture and kill the Burmese citizens in various ways. China needs to stop cooperating with the terrorist military council in matters of support and military intelligence as well.

NUCC said that while the Terrorist War Council accepted the ASEAN Common Agreement (5), but did not implement it in practice, China's support for the Terrorist War Council is like encouraging the War Council to continue to bully and oppress the people of Myanmar.

Therefore, in order for China to help solve the Burmese issue in a practical way, the NUCC strongly urges China to take the Burmese citizens will seriously to work closely with the revolutionary forces and political forces, including the National Unity Government (NUG), to show the long-term interests of the people in the two countries and to show good neighborliness that wants stability and peace in the region.


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