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Residents affected by the storm in Lett Wa have not yet received help.

Residents affected by the storm in Lett Wa have not yet received help

Until 20 days after the Mocha storm, the people who have been affected by the storm in Pa Latt Wa District, Chin state, have not received any assistance yet, said those who have fled the war and are helping those affected by the storm.

It is reported that the Pa Latt Wa residents, who were damaged by the storm, have not received any help from the military council or international aid organizations until now.

It is said that the price of rice in Pa Latt Wa city has increased exponentially, and a simple bag of rice is being sold for about 80,000 in the city, but in the villages, the price of that simple bag of rice is over 100,000.

"The main thing is that even the medicines are not enough, but if you can eat enough salt, rice and oil, it is still fine. Usually three-fourths of the Pa Latt Wa population is in the villages, so that is also important," said one of the helpers.

As there is a communication cut by the Military Council in Pa Latt Wa Township, the local people have visited the town. If you buy salt, oil and medicine even for your health, you are often inspected and confiscated.

There are more than 9,000 war refugees living in refugee camps on the border, including in and around Pa Latt Wa town, and the local people living in the forests, including these war refugees. They are facing a shortage of basic food items such as salt, rice and oil.

"We haven't received anything from the NGOs for the Mocha people. If we ask, either international or local and foreign NGOs can give it to the people sooner or later. During this revolution, we are feeding the people, and if they donate, we have already given a guarantee that it will be sent directly to the people," said one of those who are helping those who fled the war and storm victims.

According to the records taken up to May 30th in Pa Latt Wa Township, nearly five hundred homes, eight churches, and schools were destroyed by the Mocha storm. It was reported that (14) educational buildings, (5) barns, (7) water pipes, (4) lamp posts were damaged.


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