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Residents in the western part of Hpruso are worried about air danger.

Residents in the western part of Hpruso are worried about air danger.

In the western part of Hpruso Township, Kayah State, the military council troops roam with jet fighter jets almost every day, so the residents who are afraid of being attacked by air have to go and sleep in the forests.

Last June 22, at around 4 a.m., Dorok village in the western part of Hpruso Township was bombed by the military council with a jet fighter, killing one man and injuring two family members.

At midnight that day, the military council bombed LokhuParah village, destroying some homes, including a school.

Since then, the military council has been roaming around with fighter jets almost every day during the day, raising concerns among residents, he said.

Without a fight, this attack came from the air, he said that some of the war refugees who had to go to sleep in the forests because of the patrols got sick.

It is said that there are nearly seventy villages in Hpruso Township and around twenty refugee camps. According to people who are helping war victims, about 35,000 people, including war refugees, live in that area.

Due to the threat of air strikes, nearly 70 schools, including two high schools, have been closed, said a person helping refugees in the western part of Hpruso.

"When the plane came to LokhuParah village, they also shot at the school. That's why everyone was afraid, and the schools didn't dare to open. Because I'm always going around by plane, they’re afraid that they’ll be shot if the military sees a crowd.

According to the figures of the Progressive Karenni People's Force PKPF as of June 30, 18 civilians were killed in airstrikes during the military coup in Southern Shan State and Kayah State.


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