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Return home journey of Kachin war refugees.

Return home journey of Kachin war refugees.

Members of Kachin State, who had been fleeing their homes for more than 11 years due to fighting, have returned home with concerns in March this year.

The fighting between the Myanmar military army and the KaChin Independence Organization (KIO) began in 2011, and hundreds of thousands of local residents were forced to flee their homes.

It is not known how many of the residents who took shelter in the areas controlled by the KIO, Myitkyina, Winemaw have returned to their homes since last March. There were also talks of the coup military council coming to repatriate those displaced from the war in the city.

Having been abandoned for more than 11 years, their homes and farm properties have already been damaged, so the Kachin war refugees need help to get back to work and food.

"The houses have become a bush and it was very scary at night. There are many trenches around the house, we don't know if there are any military weapons left," said Daw Khan Xiao, who has already returned to Gayayan Village in WineMaw Township.

90-year-old Daw Ma Yan Lu, who was sheltering in a refugee camp in the town of WinMaw, said, "Before, there were cattle. The night I ran away from the village, I released everything. Now there are no more cattle,".


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